Losing confidence at critical times costs you plenty! 

 You may have an idea that will change the world but ‘it’s not quite ready’.

Perhaps you’re going for a career or business opportunity that feels like a HUGE stretch.

Maybe you’ve been asked to speak at an international conference on your area of expertise in front of distinguished peers ... but you doubt yourself.

The opportunity doesn’t have to be huge ... it just has to feel huge to you.

So it could be something like being asked for your opinion in a meeting and being concerned others won’t like it or agree with you.

Or asking for a pay increase.

Or resolving a conflict.

Regardless of the situation, lacking confidence always results in opportunities missed and life or experience unlived.

On the other hand, acting with confidence can lead to a bigger bank balance, a reputation as a go-getter, the chance to carve out the career you dream of and to leave a legacy you are proud of.

If you can relate ... if you're tired of playing small ... please take the Confidence Questionnaire (below) to find out what's sabotaging your confidence when you need it most!


The Number 1 request my Clients make is for 'More Confidence'!

Having worked with many hundreds of women over the past 20 years, one primary theme has emerged:  Women do not experience the same level of confidence as their male colleagues.

This is true even when their qualifications, experiences and successes are as good ... if not better.

I want to feel more confident is the number one request when I ask clients what outcome they'd like to achieve from their work with me.

So now's the time to be honest.  Do you feel confident when it counts? 

Are you able to go after the career or client opportunities you want? 

Do you charge what you're worth and hold your ground? 

Are you able to set healthy boundaries and hold them in place without being completely inflexible? 

Do you run your own race or compare yourself to others?

If your response to these nudging questions is the feeling that you just haven't got confidence handled, take the "How Confident are You ... Really?" Questionnaire and get your report so you know for sure. 

The tools I learned helped me become unapologetically, unashamedly me.  Incredibly liberating!

Suzanne has a way of cutting through the crap to get to the core of what’s holding you back. She teaches you to unpack your mind as if it were a dusty old kitchen cupboard and takes you through steps for a thorough spring clean, all the while helping you to re-connect with your purpose and values, ensuring they are guiding your strategies and day-to-day decisions.

The tools I have learned have truly helped me to become unapologetically, unashamedly me. It’s incredibly liberating.!

Jacqui Nolan-Neylan, Co-Founder, Revvies Energy Strips


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