Learn The ONE Thing Successful "Passion" Business Owners, Leaders and Managers Changed To Generate More Clients, Influence,  Money AND Impact

LEARN ... 

How To Sell From Your Heart

Date:  28 January, 2021

Time:   12 Noon AEDT

Duration:  1 hour

What We'll Cover ...

  • Why sales is the "Waterloo" for passion business owners, leaders and managers. And why that needs to shift.
  • The relationship between sales and impact
  • Profiles of different sales sabotage behaviours
  • The Mindset patterns that underpin those sabotage behaviours
  • Multiple tools to start shifting your relationship with sales ... including the one thing that made the biggest difference to my talented clients.

The outcomes you can expect

  • Logical understanding, compassion for yourself and strengthened commitment to making your difference
  • An increased ability to balance the objectivity required for selling with the emotional connection that fuels engagement and impact 
  • Recognition of current behaviours and an understanding of why those happen
  • Some pathways to begin unpacking those sales sabotage behaviours
  • Tools to improve your relationship with sales making it much easier to share what you offer. 

Gillian Adams, Founder, Gillian Adams Salon & Spa

“Thank you Suzanne for being my coach. Our amazing work together on my mindset and leadership capabilities has made a huge difference in my confidence.  I love that you have helped me define the Purpose I’ve been expressing informally in the business and through my client service for years. I’m now aligning it throughout the business.  I’m ready to make an even bigger difference as we emerge from COVID-19."